Personal Brand & Image


| Step 1 | Initial Consultation -

Toto determines your outcome and objectives in regards to brand and image.

| Step 2 | Face to Face Consult -

Toto sits down with you to evaluate, improve, enhance, update, or upgrade your appearance to ensure that your personal brand & image is consistent with your personal goals:

We determine:

• Your budget •
• Your image goals •
• Steps to take to achieve your goals •

| Step 3 | Brand & Image session -

Toto incorporates the following elements into the Brand & Image session to achieve your personal goals:

• Perform an online brand & image audit •
• Perform an offline brand & image audit •
• Develop and identify your brand & image •
• Use social media to portray your brand & image •
• Use clothing and accessories to portray your brand & image •
• Guided shopping session •
• Guided style session •

| Step 4 | Brand & Image evaluation session -

Toto evaluates your completed brand & image and makes sure you are 100% satisfied with the service. He will provide you with ongoing support to maintain your brand & image.

| Duration Depends on Objective(s) |

“Toto was very good at listening to my interests, tastes and goals”

“Toto was very good at listening to my interests, tastes and goals. He performed more than sufficient research to make the shopping process easy and time efficient”

Robin Holmes

Creative Director

“Become a more powerful man”

“Become a more powerful man with Toto. He is a great operator,  provided tip top service and is efficient. A man’s image is incomplete without Toto”

Bernard Chia

Director and 40under40 Winner

“Toto is approachable, professional and knowledgeable”

“Toto is approachable, professional and knowledgeable. How you portray yourself is important, especially when creating first impressions. Toto consulted with me on how to keep me looking professional, approachable and driven. I’d recommend Toto to anyone looking to improve their professional image”

James Coghill

Director and 40under40 Winner

“Highly recommended for your business image”

“As a professional and business owner that is always on the go I was conscious of how looking the part was key to representing our business in the best way.  We all know “first impression counts”.  I had a good wardrobe and idea of how to dress for our company vision but Toto really cleaned my wardrobe out and added significant value via adding a few strategic pieces.  Now I have a wardrobe which is functional, easy to apply thus saving me more time and money in future.  Also more importantly my first impression is on point. I caught up with a peer in the industry for a coffee the day after wearing an outfit Toto advised on.  Was an immediate great first impression, “Wow Jeff, you look smart.” Ta Da!  Highly recommended for your business image”

Jeff Froster


“I appreciated the personalised service”

“Thanks for your awesome help Toto, I appreciated the personalised service and your attention to detail. I feel more confident and have gained knowledge in understanding how to best utilise my professional wardrobe”

Nathan Hammer

Business Analyst

“from start to finish, the service was exceptional”

“Toto helped me purchase a new navy suit, and I could not be happier with the result. From start to finish, the service was exceptional. Toto has a great knowledge of men’s fashion, and using his contacts in Perth, was able to find me the perfect suit in a fraction of the time. If you are a busy professional in need of a suit, using Toto will save you time and ensure you purchase exactly what you are looking for!”

Edward Sinclair


“process to be cost and time efficient”

“As a commerce student transitioning from being a student to a professional I knew I had to invest in myself and my image. Toto’s in-depth knowledge in fashion and menswear allowed the process to be cost and time efficient as possible. The knowledge you gain from the process alone is worth the cost of his service. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to get ahead in life.”

Gilbert Serem


“portray an image that will benefit my business and personal brand”

“Toto has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fashion, I certainly learnt a thing or two. He has helped me portray an image that will benefit my business and my personal brand. Overall, great service and experience!”

Gerald Tan

Co - Founder

“I was most impressed by his broad knowledge base”

“As a baby boomer I had little understanding of social media and its critical importance as a marketing tool for business. I’d been working on PC’s since the mid 80’s and had little problem navigating my way around. But, the transition from PC to mobile device and social media had me stumped. Then I met Toto through a mutual friend and he willingly helped overcome my aversion to social media. I was most impressed by his broad knowledge base and ability to tutor and relate to someone from a much older generation.”

Patrick McMurray


“Toto definetly goes above and beyond for his clients”

“Just what we needed in Perth, opened my eyes to details of fashion I never would have thought of and Toto definitely went above and beyond in terms of service. He was great at understanding what I wanted to achieve and was very patient during all the shopping activities”


Jiaqi Li

Marketing Professional
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