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What is brand & image consulting?

The process of evaluating, improving, enhancing, updating, or upgrading an individual's or business's brand & image. At Totostips we believe a successful brand is an authentic and consistent one that achieves personal, professional and business goals.

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Founder - Toto

Founder | Brand & Image Consultant

I started consulting individuals and businesses on how to build an authentic and consistent brand through strategy. The overwhelmingly positive feedback I received lead me to start Totostips, a Brand & Image consulting business that focuses on aligning a client’s image to the message they are presenting to their target audience.

Prior to this, I worked in the marketing, fashion and health industries for private and public organizations. Since graduating from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Movement and a minor in marketing, I have endeavoured to learn and experience as much as possible while embracing challenges both in business and in personal development.

I hold workshops and presentations on Professional Brand & Image, Business Brand & Image and Personal Brand & Image. I believe in an authentic and consistent brand where the individual or businesses creates an emotional connection with the target audience.

I also enjoy connecting and bringing people together. Where ideas are shared and opportunities are created. Hosting events where people of different industries, backgrounds and ages come together with a common purpose in helping one another is an ongoing mission of mine.

I strongly believe in positive social impact, I love to promote inclusiveness and equal opportunity. My involvement as a Director on The Board of Cahoots is to bring communities together. It is to support children, youth and families with disability by providing engaging programs, activities and camps for them.

Every individual and business is different and therefore will have different outcomes and objectives. That is why Toto consults every client on a individual basis with a personalised process. Toto is committed to working with you to achieve your brand and image objectives.

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